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Prudent Produce is serving 100's of families in the communities of Central Iowa! We deliver fresh organic fruits and vegetables direct to the homes of the community we serve. We leave our customers with no excuses in not being able to enjoying great quality organic produce.

How It Works

Pick your box type, pick your schedule, and we'll pick the produce! We'll send you an email each week before your delivery so you can see all the good food that you'll be receiving.

Eat Fresh

We search high and low for fresh, delicious, organic fruits and vegetables and our priority is to help support and grow our local community. Each week our menu follows the season so you always have fresh organic produce.

Be Happy

Your health and happiness is our top priority. We build a custom menu just for you based on the things you like and don't like, and also allow you to make substitutions and add extra items to your delivery.

What are folks saying about Prudent Produce?

"Partnering with Prudent Produce has been the best decision I ever made for our family. We eat WAY more fruits and vegetables than we ever did before. It has gotten us to try things that I would have never bought at the grocery store. My kids have found many new foods that they love. Angie and her wo..."
-Lauren R

"Prudent Produce has improved our lives. The food bin menus are well rounded and the food is very high quality. Because of Prudent, my husband and I eat more fruits and vegetables than ever before. It has also challenged me to try recipes I previously wouldn't have attempted. With the flexibility of ..."
-Carrie & Matt
"We love Prudent Produce! They provide such a great service by providing quality produce at a reasonable cost. Everyone is so great to deal with! I cannot say enough good things about the service and the compassion they have for the business! Signing up for the service was one of the best choices I'v..."
-Andrea R

"Prudent Produce is such a wonderful company! Who wouldn't love getting fresh healthy food delivered to their door step whether it's raining, snowing, or 100 degrees outside?? They are so accommodating to the needs and likes of their customers and truly care about us all. Our family looks forward to ..."
-Joanne B

Ready to get started? No Commitments!

Sales & Specials

We run specials on items you can add to your order every week. Just log in to your account to shop!

Organic Baby Carrots
Baby Carrots
$1.90 lb.
Organic Table Carrots
Table Carrots
$1.50 lb.
Organic Yellow Onion (local)
Yellow Onion (local)
$1.10 each
Organic Cameo Apple
Cameo Apple
$1.00 each
Organic Bananas
$0.55 each
Organic Red Grapes
Red Grapes
$5.90 2lb bag
Organic Kale (local)
Kale (local)
$2.45 each
Organic Celery
$2.10 each
Organic Starkrimson Pear
Starkrimson Pear
$1.40 each
Organic Ambrosia Bagged Apples
Ambrosia Bagged Apples
$6.25 3lb bag
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce
Green Leaf Lettuce
$2.50 each
Organic Orange
$1.00 each
Organic Yams
$2.50 each
Organic Asian Pear
Asian Pear
$1.30 each
Organic Avocado
$1.30 each
Organic Beets (local)
Beets (local)
$2.70 lb.
Organic White Mushrooms
White Mushrooms
$2.25 1/2lb bag
Organic Radish (local)
Radish (local)
$2.00 bunch
Organic Roma Tomato
Roma Tomato
$0.70 each
Organic Russet Potatoes (baking)
Russet Potatoes (baking)
$1.00 each
Organic D'Anjou Pear
D'Anjou Pear
$1.00 each
Organic Broccoli
$3.00 each
Organic Cauliflower (small)
Cauliflower (small)
$4.25 each
Organic Red Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
$2.60 each
Organic Green Onions
Green Onions
$1.40 each
Organic Kiwi
$0.90 each
Organic Collard Greens
Collard Greens
$2.40 each
Organic Mustard Greens (local)
Mustard Greens (local)
$2.00 bunch
Organic Acorn Squash (local)
Acorn Squash (local)
$2.90 each
Organic Tomato
$1.30 each
Organic Strawberries
$5.50 lb.
Organic Coconut
$3.00 each
Organic Parsley (Italian-Local)
Parsley (Italian-Local)
$2.00 bunch

Our Delivery Area

We are currently serving Central Iowa. This would include, but not necessarily limited to, the counties of Polk, Warren, Dallas and Story. We deliver to schools, public buildings, offices, homes, boats, and the occasional tree house.

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

Prudent Produce

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