What's in the Low Carb Bin Standard
Week of May 20

The perfect bin for low-carb, high-fat diets like Keto or Atkins that emphasize more veggies and fewer high-sugar fruits. 

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1 (1-lb bag) Baby Carrots
1 (each) Green Bell Pepper
1 (each) Broccoli
1 (each) Lemon
1 (each) Celery
1 (1/2 lb) Asparagus ,Iowa Asparagus
1 (each) Hakurei (white salad) turnips,Wallace Centers of Iowa
1 (each) Chinese (Napa) Cabbage,Stewart Farm
1 (each) Red Leaf Lettuce,New Family Farm
1 (bunch) Green Garlic,Wabi Sabi Farm