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Vendor: AgriCultured

AgriCultured Location: Waukee, IA

We started Agri-Cultured after experiencing the wellness building properties of fermented and cultured foods for ourselves. As we began to research, we realized that traditionally fermented foods play a crucial role in gut health, the basis of our immune system. Many medical experts encourage us to consume fermented foods on a regular basis as a key to helping avoid chronic disease. Chronic Disease consumes over 75% of our healthcare spending. Research shows that chronic disease is preventable, and that consumption of fermented foods plays a role in preventing this skyrocketing epidemic of chronic disease that is plaguing our society.

Anything from AgriCultured this week?
Garlic Dill Sauerkraut Old School Sauerkraut Cowboy Kimchi Kimchi Vegan The Real Dill Pickle Chips Habanero Mango Sauerkraut Smokin Original Kimchi Kombucha - Blueberry Pomegranate NRG - gallon Kombucha Tea - Cherry Ginger NRG - gallon Kombucha - Summer Breeze NRG - gallon Kombucha - Aronia Berry and Grape - gallon Kombucha - Blueberry Pomegranate NRG Kombucha Tea - Cherry Ginger NRG - half gal Kombucha - Summer Breeze NRG half gallon Kombucha - Aronia Berry and Grape - half gal Kombucha - Strawberry Turmeric - gallon Kombucha - Strawberry Turmeric - half gallon Kombucha Tea - Blueberry Razz - gallon Kombucha Tea - Blueberry Razz - half Kombucha - Mango Tango gallon Kombucha - Mango Tango - half gal Jalapeno Ginger Sauerkraut