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Our family comes from German and Italian descent. Our great, great-grandparents immigrated to California and began growing turkeys over 100 years ago. Our great-uncle, Ernest Bottini, purchased 400 acres of beautiful property in Sonora, California, which is in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Yosemite.

Uncle Ernest understood that turkeys need plenty of space to roam, premium and all-natural feed, and time to grow and develop naturally. As a result of his careful farming practices, Uncle Ernest’s turkeys were full of juicy flavor, and the ranch became a popular destination for locals to come and pick up their fresh turkeys. As the word spread, Uncle Ernest began selling the turkeys to numerous San Francisco restaurants.

Jack Diestel, Uncle Ernest’s nephew, and our grandfather, helped deliver the old-fashioned “New York Dressed” turkeys to the San Francisco restaurants, and he worked side-by-side with Uncle Ernest on the ranch, learning the family secrets of raising delicious, all-natural premium turkeys.

In 1949, Grandpa Jack officially founded the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch. In 1982, our parents, Tim and Joan Diestel, bought the ranch and continued on the family tradition. Today, alongside our parents, two of the three children, Jason and Heidi, work actively on the ranch. Working as one of the last small family-owned turkey producers, we are proud to offer premium quality products.

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