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Vendor: Old Tree Farm

At Old Tree Farm, we believe that our food has a story to tell. Growing food is part of our story. In fact, it's almost our entire story. Grandma and Grandpa moved to this farm in 1941, and since then we've been growing: the farm, the family, and the food. Corn, soybeans, cattle, chickens, hogs and hay have all been a part of the farm's history. Of course, this is Iowa. But for the past nine years our family has worked to transition a portion of the farm to grow vegetables and fruit using organic methods. The farm was granted certified organic status in 2015 and while we won't be certifying the farm in 2018, we are committed to using organic practices. They are good for our employees, our land, and of course, our amazing customers. If you think you want to get your hands on some of the fruits of our labor, they can be found at a whole mess of places. At farmer's markets, at local businesses, and through our CSA. We're obsessed with making as many delicious vegetables available to you, as soon as they're picked. That's what we do.

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