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Vendor: Raccoon Forks Farm

Location: Redfield and Runnels, IA

“Raccoon Forks Farms is located in Redfield and Runnells, Iowa.  We’re proud to be "locally-grown and chemical-free!”  Although we’re not certified organic, we farm according to organic standards, and we’re always working to improve the health and fertility of our soil.  

During the day, our chickens roam at will in large pastures;  at night, they choose their own roosting spots inside big barns and sheds, where they're safe from predators.  They have lots of space, indoors and out, and are always cage-free!  We believe that sunshine, grass beneath their feet, and the ability to forage keep our hens happy and healthy.  In return, they give us rich, delicious brown eggs!  

Raccoon Forks Farms are licensed Iowa egg handlers.”

Anything from Raccoon Forks Farm this week?
nope! not this week.