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Vendor: Rosmann Family Farms


Rosmann Family Farms, a business owned and operated by Ron and Maria Vakulskas Rosmann and sons, is located four miles northwest of Harlan in Shelby County.  Ron has farmed this land where he was raised following his graduation from Iowa State University in 1973.  The farm has had organic certification since 1994, beef operation since 1998 and certification for pork since 2004.

Anything from Rosmann Family Farms this week?
Beef New York Strip, 2 per pkg, RFF Beef Ribeye Steak, RFF Beef Filet Mignon Beef Stew meat RFF Beef Arm Roast Boneless RFF Pork Spare RIbs RFF Beef Chuck Roast Boneless, RFF Beef Sirloin Steak 2 pk, RFF Beef Marrow Soup Bones, RFF Beef Skirt Steak, RFF Beef Flank Steak RFF Pork Shoulder Roast RFF Beef Flat Iron Steak, RFF Pork Sausage (ground), RFF Pork 3/4 chops, RFF Popcorn, 2-lb Pork Loin Roast, RFF Ground Pork RFF Pork Steak, RFF Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties, RFF Beef Ground Local Organic, RFF Bacon, Rosman Beef Brisket RFF Beef Heart, RFF Beef Eye of Round Roast, RFF Beef Bottom Round Roast RFF Beef Liver, RFF