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Vendor: Sauce Slingers

Sauce Slingers Location: Ames, IA

Sauce Slingers was born from the legendary Battles BBQ. The recipe traveled with George Battle from Texas and unintentionally settled in Iowa as the backbone of his longtime restaurant. As George passed, so did his business. Chad Watkins had the good fortune to purchase the restaurant as well as the sauce recipe.


Chad had another stroke of luck and married his long time friend, Mara Spooner. Separately, they have long histories of service to the Ames, Iowa community. Together, they believe that this is the next vehicle for them to change the world: hand crafting beautiful sauces with high quality ingredients...with a hopeful eye towards collaborations with other local producers in Central Iowa, continuing to build a strong community.

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Barbeque Sauce, Mild Barbeque Sauce, Spicy