Easter Egg Radishes

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15 min
Easter Egg Radishes


1 bunch fresh radishes, with greens
1 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
3 Tbl. organic butter
1 Tbl. olive oil
1 garlic scape, chopped roughly (or 1 clove garlic or 1 small shallot)
2 cups cooked brown rice
3 Tbl. lemon juice
S+P, to taste


1. In a small pan, dry toast walnuts. Set aside. Wash and chop radishes into pieces of about the same size, and chop greens separately.
2. In a large pan, heat butter over med heat. Add garlic scape or chopped garlic or shallots. Cook for a few minutes, until browned. I included the entire garlic scape and the green ends turned nice and crispy in this stage.
3. Add radish pieces to the pan, mixing to coat in butter. Add S+P. Add a splash or two of water and allow steam to help them soften. When soft and color from the skin begins to bleed into the whites of the radish, transfer contents of pan to a bowl and cover.
4. In same unwashed pan, add leftover brown rice. Stir to coat in remaining butter/garlic flavor and heat. Add S+P. Remove from pan and set aside.
5. In same unwashed pan, add olive oil and chopped greens. Sitr and add S+P to taste. Allow greens to wilt but not to the point of mush.
6. Prepare plate with greens on the bottom, a scoop of rice, then radishes and top with walnuts and some lemon juice.


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