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Honey Variety Pack


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Honey Variety Pack Features

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Honey Bundle. A taste of three unique locations. Enjoy each honey for its own distinct flavor and form. Comes in a charming reusable crate and honey snack mix recipe card.
12 oz squeeze bear. Putnam County, MO, wildflower honey. This honey was harvested from the rolling hills of northeast Missouri in early fall, in line with the traditional beekeeping season by M&R Hanson Honey, Unionville, MO, [email protected]
10 oz. mason jar. Iowa creamed honey. This pure honey was made with no added flavor and is presented in a spreadable form. Under mindful conditions, this product was carefully handcrafted and is a favorite topping on toast from Dassel Acres, 515-330-2624
12 oz squeeze bear. Windsor Heights, IA, basswood honey. Basswood honey is light in color, somewhat minty in flavor, and is harvested in early summer. It de-crystallizes quicker than most honeys. Also known as the linden tree, many urban parking lots are planted with basswood. Harvested by hand by Juliajuliecache.com