Vanilla Extract, TPH

The Perennial Homestead

Vanilla Extract, TPH

$21.19/4oz bottle

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Vanilla Extract, TPH Features

Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!

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The Perennial Harvest's small batch vanilla extract is what we use exclusively for our classic sea salt caramels. It’s the perfect balance of flavor and will take your baked goods and candies to the next level! We use only two ingredients: vanilla beans and Cut Spike Vodka from La Vista, Nebraska. With no added fillers (not even water!), it’s a full-balanced flavor we know you’ll love. Perfect for your pantry or as a gift to your favorite foodie! Use it in baking, add it to yogurt, the possibilities are endless.

Each bottle contains pure vanilla extract and is stored in an amber colored glass to maintain freshness and fullness of flavor.