Beef Snack Stick, Original

Timber Ridge Cattle Co

Beef Snack Stick, Original

Timber Ridge Cattle Co


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70% Flax-Fed Certified Beef and 30% Berkshire pork. A healthy snack high in omega-3. The beef and pork are trimmed to 85% lean prior to processing. The Beef is sourced from NBO3 Technologies of Manhattan, KS. We raise Berkshire pork on our farm, sell the pigs to Berkwood Farms, then buy back the 85% lean pork for our sticks. They contain just 70 calories per stick.

Flax seed with its high content of alpha linolenic acid has been called a modern miracle food.  The beef and pork used in our 90% lean Timber Ridge snack sticks and summer sausages are not only hormone and antibiotic free but is hand-fed a flax seed ration.  Samples of our beef were analyzed by Iowa State University and were found to contain 5 times more Omega-3 essential fatty acids and 25% less saturated fats than the corn-fed control sample.  

We chose the smoked meat process to deliver our high Omega-3 beef to the consumer because of its use of low heat.  Exposure to high heat will convert healthy fats into unhealthy trans-fats.  In addition, our snack sticks and summer sausage contain no MSG or sodium nitrite and have only 70 calories per stick.  The product needs no refrigeration so it can be safely enjoyed while camping, traveling or in a packed lunch. Notable effects of Omega-3’s in human diets include improved immunity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and anti-inflammatory relief for rheumatoid arthritis.  It is important to us as a producer of food products that the beef and pork that we raise and sell not only appeals to the taste buds but is a benefit to our customer’s overall health and well being.  Enjoy!

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