Corn Grits

Early Morning Harvest

4-lb bag

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Local- This is a local product!USDA Organic- USDA Certified Organic

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These grits are from Early Morning Harvest's certified organic corn. The corn is from the whole kernal, unsifted, with nothing added so you get the full flavor of Iowa organic corn in this cornmeal. Great for baking or added to your favorite cereal!

Grits originated in Native American communities, but they are very popular today in the Southern United States (like Georgia and South Carolina). Unlike cornmeal, grits are usually made from dent corn. This starchy variety of corn is less sweet than sweet-corn and it becomes smooth and creamy as it cooks. After the treated corn is dried, it is coarsely ground to become hominy grits. Most grits are ground more coarsely than cornmeal.