Pre-order Pork, Cured Hock, JFF

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Pre-order Pork, Cured Hock, JFF


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Pork Cured Hock

Actual weights 2 to 3 lb.

Price will be based on actual weight. 

 Organic pork. Gloucestershire Old Spot/Berkshire cross, organically-raised, fed a diverse organic grain mix made up of oats, wheat, alfalfa, lentils, field peas, corn, flax, canola, barley, sesame and soybeans. Animal Welfare Approved and non-gmo certified through A Greener World. Antibiotic and hormone free, supplemented with seasonal garden waste, nuts, grass, clover, apples, pumpkins, and belly-rubs. Processed with no additives or funky stuff. 

An soulful cut of pork that is so full of flavor. It makes a wonderful soup base and there is so much meat! Throw it in a pot of stew and the meat will fall of the bone, while the bone marrow will nourish your body.