Pre-order, Sliced Deli Ham, JFF

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Pre-order, Sliced Deli Ham, JFF


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Sliced Deli Ham

Package is approx. 12oz. 

Price will be based on actual weight. 

 Organic pork. Gloucestershire Old Spot/Berkshire cross, organically-raised, fed a diverse organic grain mix made up of oats, wheat, alfalfa, lentils, field peas, corn, flax, canola, barley, sesame and soybeans. Animal Welfare Approved and non-gmo certified through A Greener World. Antibiotic and hormone free, supplemented with seasonal garden waste, nuts, grass, clover, apples, pumpkins, and belly-rubs. Processed with no additives or funky stuff. 

Ham and cheese melts, ham and eggs, fried rice with diced ham, the list goes on and on with this versatile cut. We use an all natural cure with sea salt, cherry juice and celery salt with no artificial nitrites or red dye.