All About Prudent Produce

We have identified a need in the community: connecting people with easy access to Good Food! By Good Food, we mean great-tasting, healthy, free of synthetic chemicals, and local-when-possible produce at affordable prices. We believe that people will choose to incorporate healthy food options into their busy lifestyles if given a simple, affordable, and convenient way to do so.

We come to you with the best quality chemical-free produce and deliver it to you at a fair and reasonable price. Having great produce arriving at your doorstep encourages more consumption of Good Food, leading to healthier hearts, minds, and bodies.

In addition to being good for YOU, we also believe that supporting local food producers contributes to the local economy and supports Iowa's family farms that grow real food. These are the farmers that are doing their part to enhance soil health, clear up our water, and improve air quality. They do this by not using harmful synthetic chemicals; using cover crops and other conservation efforts to cycle nutrients in smart ways, and raising animals in respectful and humane conditions. 


Prudent's History

Prudent Produce relocated to Elkhart from Ankeny in March 2017. Since that time, we've worked to connect hundreds of families with more than 50 Iowa Food Farmers, dozens of other producers and food artisans, and other good foods from around the country in order to keep people eating good food all year long.

Cindy Kirschbaum, Tony Thompson, and Renee Lamfers started working with Angie in the spring of 2017 to build a partnership between Prudent and New Family Farm. This new partnership will bring fresher and more local produce to Prudent's bins when available, and will provide the farm's CSA customers with access to good food year-round, as well as more organic fruits and vegetables. New Family Farm is located on the farm that has been in their family for a century, and they are working hard to make it a place that 'connects people with (good) food.' 

Angie Laverty founded Prudent Produce in 2010. She has a Biology degree and worked a number of years in the Seed Industry. She experienced first hand the effects of profit-making conventional farming practices. She started Prudent because she wanted to be a part of a positive change that will better the individual, as well as, our world.