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Is your service safe with regard to COVID-19? What extra precautions are you taking?

We are very aware of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are actively monitoring developments in the understanding of it.

Our facility has no public access. We have a minimal number of people in or out of our space. 

Bins are sanitized between uses. We deliver a bin to you one week, and we pick it up at the next delivery when we drop another bin to you. The first bin comes back, is cleaned and sanitized, and is then used again.

We deliver to your doorstep, and our drivers typically have no contact with people when delivering the bin -- though we encourage a friendly wave or smile.

Our (small team - basically 3-4 people, with a few extra people helping sanitize bins this week) is highly attuned to the need for frequent handwashing, even in our confined space. 

Where do you deliver?

We are currently serving Central Iowa -- basically areas from Adel to Newton, and Ames to Indianola. Starting in March 2022, we will deliver to dropsites (not individual homes) in north central Iowa (in and around Mason City, Clear Lake, and others). 

Am I getting a good deal?

You are getting a great deal with awesome chemical-free produce that beats or meets local supermarket prices. Plus if you add in all the intangibles such as, time, energy, gas, long lines, headaches over lack of selections and quality, you are getting an unbelievable deal! And you can sleep good at night knowing you have contributed to your body's well-being while supporting better farming practices and a local, family-operated business.

How do I pay for my good food?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. When you sign up your credit information will be kept securely on file. Your credit card/debit will be charged the day of your delivery. Our preferred method of payment is credit /debit cards. Other possible arrangements may be made through Prudent Produce.

If I'm using a coupon, do I still need to enter payment info?

Yes. It's a constraint by our system. It also allows you to add on more items which may not be covered by the coupon you use. And if we deliver to you in a bin, we need to make sure we get the bin back. Rest assured if you use a coupon code for a free bin and do not add any extras, you will not be charged anything. 

How do I sign-up?

You can sign-up by going to our sign up page or by giving us a call at (515) 367-0302. When you sign up we will get delivery information from you, such as, where you live, where do you want your produce bin left if you are not at home and is there produce that you really don't want to see in your bin. Super easy!

What will I get?

You will get the best chemical-free produce of the season! There will be staple items, such as, apples, bananas and carrots that you can expect to see weekly. On occasion you might find a tasty herb or some other special item but for the most part, just plain great produce. Anything unusual will include a fabulous recipe with it but this would be rare and only to keep your produce bin interesting. We want your produce bin to be filled with items you would normally use and buy. We are always open to ideas and suggestions. You will also get newsletters that will contain information about the items in your bin, exciting recipes and other useful tidbits of information.

Do you ONLY deliver organically grown produce?

You can expect that all of the fruit and vegetables we buy is certified organic OR free of synthetic chemicals. The majority of our produce is certified organic and can be 100% traced-back. Other produce that is not CERTIFIED organic but is free of synthetic chemicals includes some of our local farm producers who are following organic protocols in their farming methods but have not been officially certified.

Once in a while we will make available local produce that is not organic. When we do this, we will specifically note that it is "CONVENTIONAL". Typically this would be for local apples or other fruits that are extremely difficult to grow in Iowa organically, and we would source from farms that go to great lengths to minimize the use of synthetic chemicals.

While all of our produce is free of synthetic chemicals, our non-produce items are less restricted. We try to label non-produce items that are certified organic with the organic tag; please ask us if you have questions about specific items.  

Where does the produce come from?

We work closely with our local organic farmers to bring you as much local produce as possible during our growing season, including our own farm. We also work with some of the best established organic farms and distributors throughout the country to ensure we have a steady supply of produce all year long.

How often do you deliver?

We delivery weekly. You can set up your account on a weekly or bi-weekly scheduled, and you are able to skip deliveries whenever you want to (as long as you update your schedule before 9AM Friday, since that is when we start ordering for the following week).

When do you deliver?

Starting in October 2019, we added some morning routes (delivery between 8:30 and 12:30PM) in addition to our afternoon routes (delivery between 1 and 6PM). The actual day you get delivery will depend on where you live. Your delivery timeslot will be determined and communicated to you when you sign-up for service.

Is there a delivery fee?

Orders that total over $25 do not have a delivery fee. Orders totaling under $25 have a $5 delivery fee added.

Won't the extreme weather of Iowa hurt the produce if we are not at home?

No, we have invested in bins that will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for at least 4 hours unattended. Our delivery driver will take care to leave your produce bin where you have directed us to when you are not at home.

What if I am unhappy with the quantity of produce I am receiving?

We don't want you unhappy! We can change the size (up or down) of the produce bin you are currently receiving at anytime. Just communicate your desire to us and consider it a done. You can add-on to your normal weekly bin any items we have extras of for a minimal fee. Call if you know you are going to want more of a specific item.

Do you sell anything besides chemical-free produce?

Our focus is on obtaining quality organically grown fruits and vegetables and growing the business to reach as many Central Iowans as possible. We do offer a growing number of additional products such as local free-range and chemical-free eggs, beef, chicken, pork, dairy, and other items for our customers. They will be available for purchase to our customers from this website.

The direction Prudent Produce goes will be dictated by the demand and feedback we receive from our customers -- if you see something that you would like to have in your bin each week, please email us and we will try to make it available to you!

FAQ for First Orders 

When do I get my first delivery?

You will receive your first delivery on the next scheduled route day in your area after you sign up for service. Example: you sign-up on Monday and our next route in your area is also on Monday, your 1st produce bin would arrive on the following Monday. If you sign-up on a Thursday and the next route to your area is Tuesdays, your 1st produce bin would arrive that coming Tuesday. You will be notified at sign-up of the details to your service and when you can expect your first delivery.

Is there anything I need to do to submit my order?

Whatever is in your bin at 9AM Sunday when our system automatically closes the orders is what we plan to deliver to you. There is nothing you need to do to finalize or submit your order. 

Will you notify me when my bin is delivered?

if you have our app and allow us to send you push notifications, you will receive a push notification when your bin is delivered. 

If you set up your phone number to allow texts from Brinks, our texting robot, he will notify you when your bin is delivered.

FAQ for Current Customers

What happens when I go on vacation or need to skip a delivery?

You can suspend service at anytime. Log in to your account, go to "My Account", then "Delivery Schedule" and you can add or skip deliveries up until the time we start preparing orders. You need to schedule the skip before 9AM on Friday for delivery the following week, since this affects are ordering.

My apple has a bruise on it, yuck!

We take the greatest care in delivering your produce bins but try as we might, there is bound to be times where an item delivered is not to your satisfaction. Let us know ASAP and we will credit your account or make sure you have extras of the item in your following weeks delivery. Your 100% satisfaction is what matters to us.

What do I do with the produce bin that was left?

Your account with Prudent Produce will have assigned to it two produce bins. One will be dropped off with you and each week we will exchange a new produce bin for the one delivered the week before. Always remember to leave the produce bin from the past week out for us to exchange with your new produce bin if you know you will not be at home. All produce bins and any packing materials are the property of Prudent Produce. All accounts will be charged $41.00 on non-retrieved produce bins (don't worry, we will make every possible attempt in retrieving back our bins before we would ever charge you for it.)

If you only receive one order from us (someone gifts you one delivery), we will likely deliver in an apple (cardboard) box that you can then use or recycle. There is no charge for this box and it does not need to be returned to us.

How to I automatically add items to my bin each week?

You can add items as one-time "this week only" OR you can set items up as recurring "add to every order" or "add to every other order". The way this works: Friday morning when we pre-fill the bins, whatever items you have set up as recurring items will be added to your bin IF we have them available for the next week. 

NOTE: This can get tricky with week-to-week items, or items that vary a bit from week-to-week. Example: you would like tomatoes in every order. This week we have red slicing tomatoes available, but last week you set up a recurring item for heirloom tomatoes. Depending on whether we treat the item as a new item, or modify the item last week will determine whether or not your red slicing tomatoes are auto-added to your order. Another example: you set up a recurring item for "medium eggs". One week we are out of "medium eggs", but still have "straight run (unsized) eggs". We are trying to find a balance between consistently getting you what you want and being as descriptive as possible for the items that we have available. 

You can view and modify your recurring items from your account home page: find "Recurring Items" above your name. 

How do I tell my friends about your service?

We rely heavily on word-of-mouth for marketing. When you refer a friend, your friend receives a $20 credit on their first order to encourage them to try it out. After your friend's first order goes through, YOU receive a $20 credit on your account as a 'thank-you'.  It's easiest to make sure the credit goes through if your friend signs up via your unique referral link.

You can find this link when logged in to our website or our app. On the website, there is a small green banner on the top that says "Tell a Friend". There is also a "Share and Earn" link way at the bottom of our webpages.  Even if your friend doesn't use your link, as long as the mention your name in the "how I heard" box when signing up, we are generally able to decipher the connection and get you a credit. 

What if I want to cancel my deliveries?

We hope that you'll let us know if you are unhappy with the service or goods received so that we have a chance to make it right. You can cancel at anytime before the Friday of your next scheduled delivery. There are no contract or commitments for service.