Using Our Service

Two things to know: 

1. We operate on a weekly schedule. We update our menu on Friday morning; then the shopping cycle is open from around noon on Friday until 9AM Sunday. We deliver Monday - Thursday. 

2. The bin type determines what starts in your bin at noon on Friday. Then you can swap items or add anything available in our shop including additional produce. 

To get started:

1. Create an account. 
Either here on our website OR via our smartphone apps (Apple iOS or Andriod via Google Play

2. Wait for an email (or notification from our app) that the menu is ready. You will receive this around noon on Friday. After you receive the email, your bin is open for swaps or adds! Don't want the green beans that are you in your bin? Swap them out for something else! Want to add in a dozen eggs? This is the time! You have until 9AM Sunday to finalize your order for the coming week.  

3. Receive delivery! We deliver Monday - Thursday each week, depending on where you live. Our drivers will set the bin on your front porch (or wherever you tell us to), and pick up any bins from previous deliveries.

4. Payment is handled via credit card, which we handle with the utmost safety and security through Stripe. 

You choose from conveniently-sized produce bins to get the amount of produce that best suits your needs. We then pack your bin with fresh organically-grown fruits and vegetables and other items that we delivery to you every week or every other week, depending on your desire.

After your account is set up:

1. Add or skip deliveries: Once you have an account, you are able to skip or add deliveries each week -- going on vacation? No problem! No need to be at home when we deliver, your produce will remain fresh for at least four hours in our produce bins.

The fruits and vegetables you receive week to week will vary, depending on what is seasonally available. You can count on such staple items as apples, bananas, and carrots and rest assured, it will always be fresh, good for you and delicious. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (link also at top of page) if you have more questions.