Why Choose Prudent

We are a local business - based on a farm that has been in our family for over a century - located in Elkhart, IA. All of our customers are within 40 miles of us. As with other small, local businesses that you support, when your support us, your money stays in the local community to contribute to our region's economic development. We create jobs and pay people living wages. We contribute to our local community. We are the good neighbor that Iowans are known to be.

We know healthy food is critical to good living. All of our produce is either certified organic and/or grown by local producers we know do not use synthetic chemicals on their products. We strive for all of the other products we offer to be healthy.

We believe good farming practices leads to a healthy planet. Organic agriculture emphasizes SOIL HEALTH. When food is grown in healthy soil, it has higher nutrient contents. Water quality is improved because effort is made to keep nutrients in the soil, and out of our rivers and lakes. Animals are an integral part of many of the farms we work with, and are treated as respected partners. Grass-fed beef have a huge part to play in addressing climate change by regenerating soil health and sequestering carbon. The eggs from our farm have amazing orange yolks because our chickens live healthy, happy lives. 


We support diversified agriculture in Iowa. Our family has deep roots in agrictulture, and we want to see small, diversified family farms thrive. We understand the importance of connecting the foods grown on these farms with people who want to eat them, as well as how critical it is for the connection to be convenient. We work hard to get you the foods your family wants to eat, each week, all year long.