Prudent Produce Delivery Area

See if we deliver to YOUR zip code:

Please note: delivery days in this map are our best guess. Based on actual routes we drive, we may work with you to adjust your delivery day to save time, cost, and emissions!

Also, We may not have geo-data for all zip codes for our map, so if in doubt use the zip code checker! We reserve the right to choose not to deliver to some remote areas, though we would love to work with you to find a delivery solution!

Note that for our friends in north Iowa (Belmond, Clarion, Clear Lake, Garner, Hampton, Mason City), we deliver to pick up locations and you must pick up your bin(s) from that location. You can see a list of locations at the NIF page. Your zip codes will not be listed here. 

We deliver to the following zip codes:

  Monday 50021, 50032, 50109, 50111, 50131, 50208, 50320
  Tuesday 50007, 50011, 50013, 50023, 50073, 50124, 50134, 50152, 50226, 50243, 50244
  Wednesday 50009, 50035, 50311, 50323, 50327
  Thursday 50309, 50310, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50316, 50321, 50324

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