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MapleCrest Family Farm

MapleCrest Family Farm Location: Elkhart, IA

We are a family farm located near Elkhart, Iowa. Second generation raising sheep. We maintain a closed flock; a cross of Suffolk and Montadale breeds. Our lambs are well cared for and raised on pasture, grain mixture and hay. We believe in keeping our lamb business local by selling

Anything from MapleCrest Family Farm this week?
Lamb Chops - bone in Rack of lamb - Frenched Tips Ground lamb Lamb Sausage, Breakfast Lamb Bones for stock Lamb Brats Lamb Whole Leg - bone in Leg Steak - bone in Lamb Lollipop Rib Chops, bone-in Lamb Hot Italian Sausage Lamb Sausage, Chorizo Whole shank Lamb Liver Lamb Fries Lamb Tongue