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Our Story

We believe that investing in your health pays dividends throughout your life. Being healthy gives you the energy, both mental and physical, to live your most fulfilling life. Whether its playing with your kids, hiking or bike riding with your friends, or doing some of the physical activities around your house, being healthy empowers you to do whatever it is you need to do. 

Like everything meaningful and true in our lives, they take time to build. Just like there’s no real ‘get rich quick schemes’, there’s no ‘get healthy quick schemes’. There are no hacks to health. It’s about consistently making the best choice from the options you have available.

Making this choice consistently can be tough; we get it. You’re busy, sometimes you’re unsure what’s the best choice to make, and it’s hard to stay disciplined. Those cookies at your local coffee shop are looking right at you. But you know it’s worth it to pass on the cookies (most of the time. Shoot for the 80/20 rule, or a little better if you can. But don’t be too hard on yourself).

The Problems:

Two of the best ways to improve your health are: 1) keeping your sugar intake under control and, 2) hitting your daily vegetable intake (3-5 servings, at the minimum in our opinion). Let’s break these 2 down.

Keeping your sugar intake under control is very important. Sugar is a very popular, and yet misunderstood, topic today. Some people don’t care about their sugar intake at all, some are fine if it’s always naturally occurring sugar in whole foods, and some are incredibly strict and won’t consume any sugar at all (at least they think they’re not. Even eggs have sugar in them). We boil the sugar debate down into 3 simple steps.

  1. Avoid processed sugar at all costs. Keep it limited to honey, maple syrup, and whole fruits and vegetables.

  2. When it comes to eating whole fruit, unless you’re eating 10 dates a day, or 3 mangos, you’re probably fine. Enjoy the delicious and nutritious fruit.

  3. For drinks, you should keep it as low as possible. While whole fruit has sugar in it, it also has a high fiber content to allow your liver to digest the sugar slower. But in juice form, there is no fiber and a high sugar drink will spike your insulin and be damaging to your liver. Without the fiber, your liver does not know the difference between cane sugar and apple juice. 

Also, consuming fruity, sugary drinks have been shown to increase your total caloric intake in a meal. Therefore, it’s best to eat your fruit and drink juices that are low in sugar.

Now we get to the vegetables. No, this isn’t your mom’s writing this. Unless you’re on the carnivore diet, everyone knows that vegetables should be the foundation of your diet. They are packed full of vitamins and nutrients, easily digestible, and are low in sugar to keep your insulin in check. Unfortunately, very few people get their RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). Only 1 in 10 Americans get their vegetable intake every day. And there isn’t much difference among the states. The best state is Alaska, with 1 in every 8, and West Virginia is on the low end, with 1 in 16 people. And the RDA is the nutrient intake required to avoid acute symptoms, not the nutrient intake required to promote optimal health. 

Our Solution: 

Midwest Juicery was started to solve these 2 health problems. Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. We do so by carefully crafting our 100% organic, cold-pressed, raw juices to be absolutely delicious, low in sugar, and predominantly vegetables. We partnered with many Doctors and Registered Dietitians to ensure our juices are the perfect balance between healthy and delicious.

Midwest Juicery is proud to have 40% less sugar than all other juices in the US. And all of our vegetable and fruit juices are at least 50%. We truly want to help our communities solve those 2 massive health issues.

In addition, we want to help educate our communities so they can make conscious choices about what they’re eating, so they are empowered for their life ahead. Sharing delicious recipes, highlighting other companies that create delicious and healthy foods, exercise tips, and anything else people need to help you live your most fulfilling life are just a few ways we love to help people enjoy being healthier.

To stand by our commitment to honesty and education, we put our exact juice recipe on the bottle. We tell you what ingredients and how much of each are in our juices. There’s no need to guess how green that juice is. 

But wait Billy Mays, there’s more. We don’t just tell you what’s in each bottle. We love to highlight the story behind our produce. The farmers who grow the produce are true superheroes and we love to give them the credit and attention they deserve. That’s why we source over 90% of our produce directly from farmers. Come meet them; they’re awesome. 


Don’t limit your life because you didn’t do what you know you need to. Investing in your health will pay dividends throughout your life. Watch your sugar, enjoy your vegetables, and do what you know you need to do to live your most fulfilling life. We would love to help you along the way.

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