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Vendor: Organic Greens

Organic Greens Location: Washington, IA

James Nisly started Organic Greens with the knowledge that healthy food is the foundation of a healthy community and a vision of food which is grown with integrity and care for the soil. Certified organic since 1998, we strive to manage all aspects of our business with integrity, care and compassion.

Mini Greens and Micro Greens are grown in a very high organic matter soil media to maximize flavor and nutritional value. Organic Greens harvests and processes their Mini Greens and Micro Greens in their own licensed "Food Processing Plant".

Anything from Organic Greens this week?
Milk, A2-A2 Whole, Cream Line, half gal Milk, A2-A2 Whole, Homogenized Mini Greens Salad Mix Wheat Grass