Kombucha - Summer Breeze NRG - gallon


Kombucha - Summer Breeze NRG - gallon



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Local- This is a local product!Farm Fresh- Premium Quality!!

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Kombucha Tea from Agri-Cultured is made fresh and on-demand! 

NOTE: Kombucha tea comes in glass growlers that need to be returned. There is a $5 deposit on growlers that will be credited to your account when you return it.


Organic Peaches, Strawberries, Mangos, and Pineapple combined with a bit of fresh ginger enhance the natural citrus flavor of our NRG tea blend. 

The proprietary NRG blend is a delicious all green blend of yerba mate, rooibos, and gunpowder green tea combined with adaptogenic herbs for increased mental alertness and energy without the caffine buzz of other energy drinks. 

Contains adaptogenic herbs ginkgo biloba, ginseng, eleuthero, rhodiola rosea, These adaptogenic herbs have been clinically proven to increase energy and performance by helping the mind and body adapt to stress.

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